Strike Action Term 4 2018 - Tuesday 13 November

Strike Action for NZEI union members
There is a rolling strike action taking place for teachers across Waikato Schools on Tuesday 13 November. The process and action will be the same as the previous strike and Matangi School will be closed for instruction on this day. The link below outlines the concerns and media statement around this strike.

NZEI and the Secretary for Education have committed themselves fully to seeking an agreed settlement. 
Today, both parties are in talks. While these talks occur the strike remains. Our school strike date is Tuesday 13 November. We will update our community if there are changes to the strike action, based on today's talks.

Week 1 Reminder

What a wonderful week we have had.  All seasons in one week is how best to explain our weather.  We look forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday 7 February, as Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 the school is closed.


Cyclone Cook Weather Warning

With the imminent approach of Cyclone Cook and discussions with other local schools we are encouraging parents and caregivers to consider picking children up from school at 12.30pm today, in the interests of the safety of all.
We understand that the storm front is expected to hit around the afternoon, we ask that if you can pick them up around to avoid traveling in extreme weather conditions.
Our interest is for the safety of all and we understand this will affect many families work situations. We are not officially closed, so children who are unable to be picked up will stay at school with our staff. Afterschool care is still going ahead as normal.
If you do collect your child early, please sign them out at the school office.
Our planned assembly will be held the first day back, so the host class can share their learning.
Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of this situation. We wish you all a safe Easter weekend and an enjoyable holiday break.

Fundraising for Matangi School

We have a new fundraising page - check out our website and support us in growing our school enviornement  -

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