Our School

We are very lucky at Matangi School!

This is what the students love about our school...

"I have fun with my friends." -Deegan, 5yrs.

"I like learning because it's interesting." -Will, 6yrs.

"I like getting points for my house." -Jamie, 5yrs.

"Swimming in the pool with my friends." -Mason, 6yrs.

"Playing on the playgrounds with my friends." -Ellie and Kelly, 6yrs.

"I like going to the library because it has lots of books!" -Luca, 5yrs.

"I like buddy reading with the big kids." -Bailey, 5yrs.

'We eat healthily." -Finn, 6yrs.

"The different types of learning we get to do, like roleplays." -Thomas, 9yrs

"Having different resposibilities." -Miekala, 11yrs.

"Being involved in different activities like tabloids and daffodil day."-Caelia and Paige, Yr5&6.

"I can be creative at school. " -Jordan, 9yrs

"The fun teachers!" -Mya, 8yrs

"There are lots of good kids to play with." -Cameron, 8yrs.




  • We walk in "walk only" areas.

  • We keep our hands, feet and gear to ourselves.

  • We listen and follow instructions.

  • We make good choices.