Our Values

At Matangi School we VALUE:

Matangi School identifies the following five core values to build on within our learning environment for our students and staff.

RESPECT    Whakaute

We all need to respect and care for themselves, others and their environment. Care about what makes each person unique. Demonstrate good manners.

RESILIENCE    Manawaroa

We all need to be our best at school. We need to develop determination, independence and organisational skills. We need to want to do well and be appreciated for our efforts.

REFLECTION    Whakaahuatanga

We all need to understand the importance of how reflection can enhance our learning and behaviour. We need to understand what it means to be honest and have integrity.

RELATIONSHIPS    Whanaungatanga

We all need to develop positive, respectful relationships with others. We need to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.


We all need to understand how to speak and act appropriately in all situations. We need to do what is expected at all times. We need to learn to complete set tasks within timeframes.