Welcome to Matangi School


Welcome to Matangi School

On behalf of our school I extend a warm welcome to prospective pupils and their caregivers. 

The Matangi Curriculum embraces collaboration, authentic learning experiences, flexibility, student centered learning, creativity, and connectivity.

The school community supports developing students committed to personal excellence and pride. Every child will be encouraged to be a self directed learner both through the home and school.

Our learning community embraces and instills a ‘Love of learning and Respect for others’ with all learners.  This ensures learning at Matangi is student sensitive and personalised within a caring environment.

Matangi School was established in 1910.  We currently have a roll of 195 students and 8 classroom teachers. 

The school is fortunate to have an experienced, dedicated, and passionate staff, who show a genuine commitment to their work and to the children in their care.

The learning programmes within the school are well resourced. A language rich environment is actively encouraged. The school is committed to using ICT enhance and support student learning.

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To keep our learning community well informed of all of the exciting action at Matangi School we use our school Facebook page. www.facebook.com/MatangiSchool.  We are currently working on a new and improved website and app.

The School is well supported by a hard working and dedicated Board of Trustees. The Board is the official link between the school community, the School and the Ministry of Education.

The Fundraising Committee, as an extension of the Board of Trustees plays a very important role in the running of the School. They provide support in terms of funding and promoting projects along with providing a forum for Parents and School to share ideas on the schooling process. They are a very integral part of the success of our school.  We also have an amazing Fundraising Website which supports the concept of 'Agents of Positive Impact'.  Giving back is important to our school and this is a way to enable this to happen. 

Matangi School a place committed to providing a secure, caring and positive environment in which each child is encouraged to realise his/her unique potential and acquire skills essential for a lifetime of learning.

Sharyn Douglas